Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Essence of Reminiscence

Here is all where it might started
When I saw your face, I turned scarlet
This the essence of memory
Thinking of you will be sorry

From that day, I was ruined
Beneath my consciousness, my day was tuned
I don't know why the images still attached
They're just like loves that will never hatch
One day I saw a raven
Maybe for me there'll be no heaven
Because this is the season of love
The season where the devils laugh

The reminiscence devours my life
Just like my heart get stabbed with a knife
It is bliss to get a gift of reborn
The only way I can start to live by my own

But now they are all history
It has been turned to a bored story
The only thing that I can do is singing
For the storyline is still hanging

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