Wednesday, 14 December 2011

MIRror of orACLE

Pray, like there’s no other see
Prey, is hiding from the predator
Prime, important for people to study
Prank, using the oracle mirror 

Geek with Greek
Grease the Greece
Mirror isn’t the one you should peek
Let us seek the peace

Ancient life is enough
Extrovert extraterrestrial
Graeco-Rom, Hellenistic becomes tough
Between Aegean and Mediterranean, in the middle

The top is Athens
Sparta follows then
Don’t forget the Corinthians
The famous among the providences 

Isn’t Olympia a province?
There was neither king nor prince
Will Socrates hold the throne?
Can Aristotle wear the crown?
Or Plato becomes a clown?
Philosophy is everywhere to be found
Is it worth a pound?

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