Monday, 19 December 2011

Mute Flute

You used to sound like harmony
You turned the tune to melancholy
Filled with romance and melody
Your voice is music, made as remedy

I used to kiss your mouth
The notes turned north to south
Our song reached to the chorus
You are the mute flute of Horus

Now all your holes are covered
By the undeserved fingers
Will you do me a favour?
Go away from him, heal my fever
The memory which I remember
When we were sitting by the fire
I blew you till it entered someone’s ear
I scared, afraid and full of fear
Day and night, I shed my tear
Thought that you wouldn’t be here
Till one day, there’s no voice to hear
Don’t you know I love you dear?

You are no more a flute
Thinking of our memory, it’s so cute
Disappointed because you choose the wrong dude
But who am I to dispute?
He who doesn’t know how to distribute
Love to God and to you, he isn’t astute 
But who am I to contribute?

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