Sunday, 21 April 2013

Stories in Khat

Different Types

There are different types of khat and each one has its own specific technique. The hardest to do is "Thuluth", it is simple but difficult and is often used for titles or as decoration. 

Then there is "Diwani" khat, an artistic soft and fluid way of writing that makes it difficult to read. During the Ottoman Empire(Uthmaniyyah), this technique was developed to conceal secrets. Having them written down in such a way ensured that few people knew what was written, keeping government secrets intact.

"Kufi", the square writing that looked modern, was the earliest one invented and perhaps the easiest to learn. You can do it on graph paper and upload it on computer. There's not much fluidity in it.

Then there's the "Riq'ah", a swift and fast technique.

"Farisi", mainly used in Iran, Pakistan and India.

P/S : Aq amek ko nye ek Syahiran... :)

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