Tuesday, 8 November 2011


NYTe (Nukilan Yang Terkilan) ~ Translated
To whom who knocked the door wide opened
Longing for you won’t be lessened
Till my heart won’t beat like rhythm ripened
Reckoning the time without mundane
Because there is your position
Till my body becomes rotten
Won’t forget you even there is an utterance
You laugh as a great deal of lively amusement
I was abandoned
Always filled with confutation
Now I know that I’m not the one who is chosen
For a long time, there is a second girl
Maybe she’s the one who is very special
Opens the door with just a few gables
Address politely on meeting or arrival
It’s a salutation of oriental
Can’t let my eyes off the pearl
Now the dilemma becomes a rival
My friend loves her like money to the master of burgle
Loves forever and eternal
Wants to make her the queen of his castle
I sketch your image, the girl in the midst of battle
Using just a blur and rough pencil
Because I hope that the picture will fade till unavailable
Just like my love to you that I want to forget even it’s impossible
It’s in trial
It’s in trial
Is it possible?
Is it legal?
Am I tricked by the trickery of fatal?
Your smile stops the whole world
Won’t see anymore, your chortle
When I’ve settled
No more cackle
No more chuckles
No more giggle

I’ll go astray and what’ll be left’s only a virtual

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