Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Density of Destiny

Gaze (3X)

At the branches of stars in the sky

That getting higher

That burning fire

Stars (3X)

Sentenced to be there

They’re handled with care

Hanging without scare

Don’t you think that there’s a fare?

To glare such a beautiful flare

But beware… (Be aware…)

Of the how, who, why, which, where

Because destiny is what you can’t see

It is deep down the darkest sea

Force of nature, pulling of gravity

Can you make your own dynasty?

What do you know about density?

Didn’t you tell me that its simplicity?

Why don’t you find another theory?

Or making a perfect lullaby?

Isn’t it beauty?

A poem full of query

This is the true poetry

Made by me

A man of ordinary

You Are My Destiny - Kiyoshi Hikawa

You Are My Destiny OST

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