Monday, 19 December 2011

Geisha's Ginkgo Gazebo

By Mohd Faizal on Monday, May 30, 2011 at 12:18am

That girl is geisha
The face of Asia
Not the taste of Persia
She is in Malaysia

She owns a gazebo
That full with gingko
Which moment I saw
Now I love her more

She's making her origami
Folding paper on tatami
Besides her is a plate of sushi
And a little wasabi

Since that she's the ace of my heart
Pretty musume as an art
Her mind is like a crowded mart
Confused and don't know what to think about

Ohaiyo Nihon-sei
So what do you say?
I love her, I pray
To have her in a beautiful way

Sakura falls onto the ground
On the peak of Fuji Mount.
Finally I've found
The future kanai that I want to crown

Your love is just like Sudoku
Teach me sensei, what to do?
The problem comes like tsunami in front of you
Sayonara if you don't want to

P/S : Comment aq brsme sorg Hamba ALLAH kt fb...Guess who???   :

                              “Like. Who is your geisha?”
 “Who cares?”
“I do?”
“Fact: Geisha is called "Geiko" in Kyoto dialect.”
 “What does that have to do with my question?”
“No one cares actually...You aren't supposed to...
I've once said:
"It's complicated...
Don't ever come into my life...
...You'll never know if it has no exit..."
“Well... I don't care. Life does not have an exit. But problems do. I only care about my friend n family and anyone I wanted actually.”
                           I'm annoying...
                             So don’t bother me...
                             I don’t deserve to get any attention or care...
                             I'm a heck...”
                             “Everyone deserve to get an intention”
“I’m in him...”
“Well. Are you kurang kasih syg or are you kind enough to let someone u love for the ones she love like Erik? Answer please”
“nk tau jwpn nyer???”
“Click --->
“Can’t you tell me yourself?”
"If I let you go, something I don't know..."
“I let her go to Raoul...”
“Stupid la uh. klu Christine nk at ko”
“DaaĆ© is an angel while I’m devil”
Who says?”
“U give me a link whenever u don’t have the gut to answer back: p”
“Ok...the conclusion is there's no Christine...”
“Y? Everyone needs a Christine n a Christine needs her Erik or Raoul ok”
“She only needs Raoul, not Erik...”
“Sometimes Christine picks the wrong guy”
“No, she's right...”
“Foolish Erik”
“Again with the link. Speak your mind bro”
“Music is life... i can't sing here... but YouTube can...”
“Haha. Put your picture on YouTube then”
“Wearing my phantom mask?”
“That is cool. Haha. So 'lucky I’m in love with my best friend'”
“So...u listen to what i gave even u said that I don’t speak with my mind. Isn't that proving 'something'?”
“Hurm okay. So, what does that song means?”
“You can think it yourself...remember...I'm a good guesser...or mind-reader...hmmm....”
“What? So does that mean you’re in with your best friend?”
...I'm not a gay!!! =="
“Doesn’t u have a girl friend? Aiyyoooo”
 I have no best friend among the girls!!!”
“Well. Did u mean my best friend?”
“No one...I don’t like anyone...she's just my inspiration...”
“Well. Hang on with one girl and lama2 trsngkut la. Ha.”
 “whtd'ya mean?”
 “Nothing :)”
“Btw, cmne ko ley jmpe poem nh lak???
aq x tag sape2 pown...”
 “I have my sources. ta de r. aq selak note ko. jmpe la geisha ku sayang ni”
“cmne ko ley t'lntas lak nk selak notes aq nh and cmne ko trgrak nk bkk poem geisha aq nh???”
“nta. i found it an interesting tajuk. Hehe”
What’s so interesting?”
“I like the tajuk'”
“What’s your first impression?”
geisha ! yikes. LIVM”
“anda banyak tnye :)”
“anda bnyk m'buat sy trtnye-tnye...:)soklan mseh blom brjwb”
“ap dye?”
“bce la blek yg kt atas..”
“i like geisha. cute bha uh”
“mne ad cute...buruk hantu..
“haha. cantik la”
“btw, sabahan nmpk...”
“sekali skala bkn slalu bha”
“kaw jgn malar gitu ja bha...nnti sngkut sma equal...haha...atau da sngkut bnar bha...hahaha...”
“eyh. mana ada. apa kau ingat equal aja yg sabahan? aq ada spupu yg juga sabahan uke”
Npa tba2 ja??? sblom ni nda pa pun...”
“saja. demam sabahan jap”
“Hehe...akuw taw dmam pa...Hehe...”
“Dmam pa?”
“Nothing :)”
“KO ni. ckep ta abis”
“Btw, I’ve read again all comments above and y did u say "foolish Erik"??”
Well. Erik is foolish if Erik let the girl she love that easily”
“But the girl doesn't love that's not a foolish action...”
If she does? Cmneee”
“Now the problem is 'if'...”
If and only if”
“Are u kidding' me?”
 “I dun think so”
“You said I’m twister but u r more than dat...”
“Well boy. You have met your competitor”
“While I’m not a u wins...congrats!”
“ r a twister IF I said u r and BOY! YOU ARE!!”
You said u r also a y must i believe u that u said I’m a twister???Such a twister...”
“Hey. Want to eat one? Ish. U MUST BELIEVE MEEE”
Believe what?”
What words?”
“Everything kut”
“Hey, don’t change the topic!!!(Refer to my words above 'if and only if')”
“Simple maths”
“What type of girl u r!? @#$#%”
Mencarutla. tima kasih bg phala”
“Tu carut utk org yg buruk sngke je...what u give, u get back...”
ap lak?”
“bile mse aq bruk sngka??”
“ish. ko ni. mkin carutje”
“sma mcm”
“arghh. laki mang hampir smua sama”
“bkan...ppuan snar nye sume sme...buat sket aty je...ko x serius pastu ubah topik lak...”
“ko buruk sngke sbb ko ingat simbol '@%" tu sbg aq carut, tp phm???”


  1. wow..what an interesting comment...haha

  2. sengal. ko pi simpan buat per. adoyh. haha. this girl is intresting. she must have many admirers. hehe

  3. Ingat ko sempat delete comment tu sume? Hehehe...

  4. ske aty ko je. takpola. napola ko ta buat poem sal aku ke pe. bru syiokk