Monday, 19 December 2011

4 Seasons Poem Part 4 (Finale) - Sprouting Spring

This isn’t the Newton’s theory
About spring or gravity
It’s just a simple poetry
Maybe you think it’s funny

I bet everyone have met the spring
You live at the pole, so don’t bother asking
You live at the white land, it’s a natural mirror
An idea from God that makes you wonders

Pick up all the flowers
Keep all the fertilisers
Smell the essence of remedy
Cheers you’re live, turns you happy

Life full of blossom
The flower is very awesome
Their colour cheers in all form
Make your heart sinks to the bottom

The honey scent caught the bees
Watch the God’s garden, all of these
It’s a serenity, calm and peace
As precious as the first kiss

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