Monday, 25 March 2013

A Walk to Remember


Total Recall

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Nicholas Sparks - A Walk to Remember

Believe it or not, I used book voucher BB1M to buy this book!


Frankly speaking, this novel has a movie made in 2002. However, basically, they're not the same. Reading the novel and watching the movie will be two different things.

The only part that I realised was the same that took my attention in the novel and the movie is:

"Promise me that you won't fall in love with me."

Yeah! That phrase.

The drama part is not so promising to be lovely as the scene in the movie. It's pretty simple. In the end, the drama was played smoothly and Hegbert Sullivan jerked his tears, not dumbfounded just like in the movie after seeing Landon kissed his daughter at the end of the play.

By the way, it's actually the play that was written by Hegbert himself based on his experience of life after the death of his wife. The bible that Jamie always carry around is her mother's.

Have you watched the movie?

Here's the deal.

Compare it!

But you still can get the image.


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