Monday, 19 December 2011

4 Seasons Poem Part 1- Winter Writer

Days and nights passed with no difference
This winter I am going to make an inference
I would not need any reference
With a writing, not an utterance of vengeance

This winter I am going to make a change
I would not want to pay any revenge
I would forgive and apologise
I want you to realise

Litter, toss and throw
The round ball of snow
If you really want to know
I will cry if you go

It’s cold here and there
I’m frozen inside and outside
Hope your heart will give a flare
As long as you’re here by my side

Protect you from harm
Give you jacket to warm
I will shield you till forever
Lost my armour when we’re not together

Writing phrases by phrases is a suffer
But it wouldn’t be any better
Than having a coffee, bread and butter
Along with you here

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