Monday, 19 December 2011


This life is so long and far
As arranged as cards in a deck are
Does the deck have any name?
Does the Jack have ability to tame?

Do you still waving Union Jack?
Do you know that its jack-jack attack?
Just be yourself, not a fake
Because you don’t know Jack

Can a jackass jumps out the jack-in-the-box?
It’s impossible like playing jackpot as cunning as fox
Jill’s waiting for Jack to wear the jacket that she gave
But Jack forgets and climbs the beanstalk to be brave

Jack the Ripper is ripping his victim
Jack-o-lantern is watching with grim
Using his jack knife, he tears and operates
He deserves the position of Jack of Spades
Shuffle the cards, mix them to play Blackjack
Show your poker face, the challenge’s for you to take
As easy as a piece of cake
Because he’s hungry and asks you to bake

 P/S : Mse memule aq tulis poem ni kt buku pon x tau mne dtg ilham ni(padahal kebanyakan poem aq  yg laen pon sme)...rpe2 nye ble aq tulis blek dlm blog ni bru aq sdar...sume poem yg aq karang ad relation ngn future or past aq...x pown org laen...Bakat atau bala???

Jack of Spades ngan Ace of Spades...Ape kaitannya? To be continued...

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