Monday, 19 December 2011

4 Seasons Poem Part 2- Slumber Summer

Summer gets hotter
Standing below the shower
Go out and take some fresh air
After I comb my hair

We know that sun exists when it rises
We know its summer when it’s August
Ignore the climate, just stay focus
Because every creature has their own locus

Time gets faster
Sitting beneath the future
Get in and sit on the stair
Hoping ideas for coming from anywhere

Watching the spider spins its web
Used as home, used as a trap
It’s beautiful with dew
So I drop water for just a few

The sun ray makes it sparkles
Just like a star that twinkles
Noticed that I forget to wear spectacles
Monologue of dissatisfaction by some gables

Better eat well, sleep well
Waiting for the ring of season bell
I will get more stories to tell
Do not worry because it is just a tale

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