Monday, 19 December 2011

4 Seasons Poem Part 3- Autumn's Freedom

The leaves turned yellow
I saw you, I say hello
But you don’t turned your head
It’s a sorrow that made me sad

The mood had turned
Just like the season
Now it’s time for fall
It’s time for autumn’s call

Do the leaves reach its freedom?
Life rotates like palindrome
Is it the sign or syndrome?
Final destination is in the tomb

The leave fell to the ground
Life circles and goes around
The freedom that was never been found
Just like the legend of Baskerville’s hound

This is the season when everything falls
Your tears can tell if it’s true or false
Just follow your pulse, bouncing like balls
The autumn is free without tolls

Across the sky
Like a bird
Have you heard?
The sound of thunder
Is full of God’s anger
What a sin do you make?
Don’t you know it’s a mistake?
You pray for your live
But you don’t ask Him to forgive


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